Display Cards5 slots available from £13.55 SHOP NOW!
Perforated Clip Strip rolls from £24.95 SHOP NOW!
Tube Clips 20-35mm Diameter from £18.00 SHOP NOW!
Quick Fold packing System from £13.95 SHOP NOW!
Sticky Strips from £12.00 SHOP NOW!
Clip Strips, Hang Tabs, Adhesive Hooks & S Clips

Manufacturing high quality low cost Clip Strips, Hang Tabs, S Clips, Adhesive Hooks and Shelf Wobblers. We have a wide range of hang and display solutions, which are quick and easy to apply. Our products are currently hanging and displaying millions of retail articles in-stores. We only use the best plastics and adhesives available on the European Market.

Feel free to request samples before purchasing online. If we receive your email request before 2pm the samples will leave on the same day (First Class post). Print our New Leaflet ( 988 KB ).

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